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Seminar on Remote Sensing in conflict zones

Workshop on the future of drones

Workshop in Ljungbyhed

Workshop in Ljungbyhed

Workshop in Ljungbyhed

Workshop in Ljungbyhed

Testing sensors in the field

A joint campaign for calibrating drone cameras was carried out on the 22nd of September with members from Lund University and SLU representing the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, the UAV@LU Collaboration Project, and SITES Spectral.  We collected images using three different drone models and five different camera models to investigate their radiometric and geometric capabilities. We will use data from the calibration plates and measurement instruments as a reference for assessing the accuracy of the images. With perfect flying conditions we managed to collect a large image dataset that will help us in the choice and use of different drone cameras.  


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Past events

International Workshop, 25-26 September 2018



Spring Workshop, 3 May 2019


Seminar on remote sensing in conflict zones, 27 November 2019